How many concepts of business.

  • Human activities and their classification.
  • Definition, Nature and characteristics of business.
  • Objectives and functions of business.
  • Starting of a new business
  • Quality of A good businessman.
  • Elements of successful business.

                                    Human activities.

Allah has made man as the most  eminent of creating being’s and has blessed him with many abilities like thinking, pursuing and researching etc.Moreover,we are gifted with great delicacy of ,,Holy Quran,, to get the guidance in different matters of life. So, we must be thankful to the creator of the universe,, for this special bounty.

The functions of human life is divided into two parts. The  first part consists of un commanded functions(e.g.) the working of heart and stomach etc. the second part of functioning is depended  to the desire of man(e.g.) speaking , walking and thinking etc. the man uses his brain to perform these functions fruit fully not only for himself but also for others.

If we see around, we find many people who are busy in their works(e.g.) a farmer in agriculture, a shopkeeper in buying or selling. and a doctor in medical treatment etc.moreover a person may be busy in saying prayer.or visiting the sick or getting or  giving education the work which is done by human being to satisfy their wants as known as human activity.