Pilgrimage,Hajj 2018-2019,Basic Elements Of Hajj,History Of Hajj

    Hajj 2018 will begin in the evening of



19 August

and ends in the evening of



24 August

Outlines :-

  1. Pilgrimage meaning and  introduction
  2. History of pilgrimage
  3. Obligation of pilgrimage and allusion to it in Quran  and hadith.
  4. Basic elements of pilgrimage
  5. Damnation and punishment for its deniers
  6. Social psychological,political,and religious benefits.

Conclusion                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Pilgrimage is the fifth element of Islamic  concept of belief.  literally it means intention or resolve.but in Islamic legality,idiomatically it refers to spend some special days at khana kaba ,and performing there some special kinds of actions and norms.in pilgrimage there is amalgamation of other merits of worship as it has prays just in prayers,spending of money and physical involvement as in zakat and jihad.

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History of pilgrimage is very old. Khana Kaaba is the oldest place ever made for devotion of Allah. From the time of Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) people use to worship there, & have sense of reverence & value for it. After that we infidels made it a place of idols, worship for a long time but when Islam come into existence then slowly & gradually this place once again turned to a place of Divines worship.

Obligatory command of pilgrimage came in the 9th century of Prophet,s migration. Poor people are excluded from it and only those rich people are responsible for performance only one time in life, who have ability and sufficient resources to bear it concerns. There are clear allusions in Quran & Hadiths for its obligation. In Quran with great assertion Allah says,

Translation. “People are responsible to visit the home ( Bait-u-Allah) and Someone who denays then Allah is careless to world” ( Surah Al-Imran).

Holly Prophet (S.A.W.S) ” O! People pilgrimage is obligation on you, and hence you do it necessarily” (Mulim Sharif)

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These allusion shows that pilgrimage is also a necessary and basic element of Islamic belief, and rich & bearable Muslims are suppose to do it.

Hajj is the admixture of many different activities & actions but among them Ahram, Tavaf (revolution), Vaquf (Stay) & Sacrifice are very important & basic elements. When a Pilgrim reaches to a Miquat then he/she resolve for Hajj & fasten unravel special kind of dress which is known as (Ahram). Which is special uniform which Pilgrims wears during Hajj. After wearing this, the Pilgrims chants some special prays which express the almighty greatness & Pilgrims own assurity of presence under almighty’s command. In this dress the Pilgrim reach to the home of Allah (Bait-U-Allah) and starts Tavaf there. Tavaf is the name of revolving seven times around Khana Kaaba. The second important element is the stay at the field of Arafat which is known as Vaquf Arfa. Arafat is the name of a field which is situated twelve  miles far towards the east of Makkah. At the ninth of Islamic month,zol-Hajj,people stay there in Arafat from afternoon to till the sunset, and busy in prayers and seek problem and forgiveness of Allah.The third important element is sacrifice, which remind us the story of hazrat ibrahim and Ismail(A.S).

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Similarly The forth important element which is also necessary and included in its basic elements is,,Tavuf zyarat. this is last basic element and after this almost the basic parts of hajj comes to an end.

Denial from pilgrimage instead of having its ability is very havoc in religious point of view.

The holly prophet (S.A.W.S) described very painful and chaotic punishment for its deniers.

In termize Sharif  Mohammad (S.A.W.S) says,, The man who has ability of its,,Hajj,, goods and traveling and instead of it it is absent from it, then there is no difference if he dies the death of jew or nasrani,,

Similarly, at another moment hazrat omer bin khitab  noticet from Hazrat Mohammad (S.A.W.S) said that,, I want to send some elders to go and determine about people, who are capable of ,,Hajj,, but they denies, to throw fire to their homes and murder them.

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Pilgrimage is very beneficial and social,political,psychological and religious level.social and psychologically it it propagates the basic massage of humanities, which is equality.People from different countries, and or different colors becomes in touch to each other in a friendly atmosphere. it abundance the  inferiority complex and pride of of some races towards one another, and so pares  the way for the idea that all human beings are equal in the eyes of Allah.

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It also effects the minds of human beings positively and decrease the hat rage among them. The huge mob of Hajj propagates and plows the seed of help, unity and equality among the human beings.Politically its helps and increase the sense of unity among the Muslims which is helpful from some geographical and political problems.it gives strength and practically to definition of Muslims.

During Hajj people spend money,which helps to decrease the love of materialism in their hearts, which is cause of all evils.It is also a way of recreation in the sense to visit the historical place and it also increase the sphere of human knowledge. in religious way Mohammad(S.A.W.S) said that,, Exchange for accepted Hajj is only and only heaven,,  Mohammad (S.A.W.S) also said that it diminishes the previous sins of human just as a new born baby.

In Conclude, we can say that it is the very important and beneficial part of Islamic belief.it gives strengths to human soul and spirit.it is league of all Muslims throughout the world, and is full of individual and as well as of common benefits. it is sign of love  towards Allah and paves way for the required life in this universe.