Which Programming Languages Are Useful for Hacking…

Best Programming Languages For the Hackers:

So, there are lots of computer languanges, But few are best and required for hacking purpose beacause in most cases it depends upon target.
There are three Sections for web
Web Hacking and Pentesting–Expoit Writing and Reverse Engineering & requires diffrent coding….

Programming Languages for the Web Hacking & Pen-testing:

      => HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language).
HTML is important and most began language. It is very easy to understand web action, structure.

      => JavaScript: JavaScript is the client side programming language.
most used for the Web.

      => SQL: SQL(Structure Query Language).

      => PHP: PHP is the most popular Dynamic Programming Language.

Programming Languages for Writing Exploits:

      => C Language: C language is the mother of all programming language. C is most used for software creation, Linux, Windows….etc

      => Python: Python language is used for exploit writing.

      => Ruby: Ruby is Object-Oriented Programming Language.

Programming Languages for Reverse Engineering:

     => Assembly Language: Assembly is low level programming language, But very complicated.


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